Lauriel and Make Up Day

Thursday's are Make UP day, do the Core workout, or work on skill work of a weakness or something you want to develop.  Today, we also offer "Lauriel" as a workout option.  Today is Lauriel's birthday and we honor her memory and positive impact on our lives and the AZ CrossFit community with her workout.  2011 AC^2 Honor WOD – “Lauriel”   

For Time:  (20 minute cap) 23 Deadlifts 23 Handstand Pushups 23 Back Squats (no rack) 23 Burpees 23 Ground-to-Overhead

RX’D – 155# M/105# W Scaled – 135# M/95# W

Compare to June 2016

During her treatments after surgery, in her blog, Lauriel talks about the regimen of 5 days chemo, 23 days no chemo... Fitness Beyond Ordinary

I met with the neuro-oncologist who explained what would happen over the next year.  During radiation, I would take oral chemotherapy drugs every day, for 6 weeks, even on days I did not receive radiation.  After radiation concluded, I would take a 23 day break, and then start a regimen of 5 days of chemo, 23 days no chemo.  From a CrossFit perspective, I look at this as “5 days on/23 days rest”.  I did not know what I know now, that my chemo dose would increase each cycle until I hit the prescribed dose.”  

So, with this in mind CFF came up with her own benchmark WOD relating to the “5 on/23 off” of 5 movements, 23 reps each.

What workout did you miss this week?  If you did them all, congratulations!  Rest your body and do a little core work or skill development!