Brought to you by Lisa's L2 Programming Class

Skill:img_9699 img_9700Pressing Snatch Balance Heaving Snatch Balance Snatch Balance Power Clean + Jerk + Jerk from behind the neck

CrossFit: (brought to you by Lisa's L2 programming class) 100 Double Unders 40 Back Squats - 185/135 30 Handstand Pushups 20 Pistols 10 Bar Muscle Ups

Back Squat bar comes from the ground if possible. 10-13 min time domain

30 Minute Strength:

Running Clock...

2 Pausing Split Jerks + Split Jerk 5 Sets - On the 2:00, climbing.

img_9634 img_9624 img_9618 img_9595 img_9553 img_9684 img_9667 img_9615

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