Krista Sullivan


So let’s face it. Those of you who know me well and those who don’t, know that what I have to offer the world is a largely unfounded over inflated ego and an inappropriate amount of sass!

This is how I’ve always wandered through life. Take me or leave me. This is what you get and I’m proud of it! ☺ But for the last many years even MY unflagging confidence had started to wane. I had 3 beautiful health children and a good life, seemingly no reason to complain right?

Unfortunately I was floundering. In my infinite wisdom I used pregnancy as an excuse to let myself eat what I wanted. All the experts and those skinny people were right!?! If you eat ad nauseam and don’t work out you get FAT! Who’d a thunk it☺? After my last kid I was 100 lbs. over weight and taking it off was a much bigger challenge then putting it on. I’d try changing my eating habits for a while and work out a bit, but nothing stuck and I didn’t see the immediate results I needed to keep trying. Here’s where the story improves, enter CrossFit stage left.

Krista2My dear friend Heather told me about this crazy gym where you “lift heavy stuff” and do all sorts of crazy acrobatics. She said she’d heard about it from a few people and asked if I wanted to give it a shot. At that point I was pretty deflated and thought; “What do I have to lose?” Heather and I forked out the cash and walked into this cavernous building with seemingly medieval torture racks along the walls and lots of grunting folks running about. I was thinking; “What in the hell have I gotten myself into.” Then I met Tara our Trainer. She painstakingly and with infinite patience for 6 sessions took Heather and I through our paces. I learned about Snatch, Push Jerk, Front Squats, etc. In these sessions I laughed, felt goofy, failed, sweat, laughed and felt goofy all over again. I giggled at all the inappropriately named movements and felt strange, but already the hook was starting to sink deeper. After 6 sessions this savage was set loose on Crossfit and two years later I haven’t looked back. I have accomplished things I never thought possible. I lost 86 lbs. in two years and have pushed myself beyond what I could do and then gone a bit further.

Krista3I have met magical people from all walks of life. I have failed at things I tried but still not quit. I have NEVER in all my team sports or activities felt more a part of something. This place and these people remind me daily that the only limit is my willingness to try and try again☺ so here is goes… Queue the Rocky music I’m at the top of the stairs arms in the air hopping about. It took two years and will continue to take more, but I have MY sexy back.

Thank you Crossfit and all that go there. Words will never adequately describe my gratitude. ‘Nough said…