Kettlebells and Make Up!

Make Up what you missed out on this week, work on some Oly-lifting for the USAW meet this weekend, or get your first double unders (nice work accomplishing yet another goal, Steve!).  Or, as Kevin did, not only Rx on your skill work of smiling and sweating but PR that sh**!!!

IMG_4702 IMG_4702 IMG_4702

Welcome to your first class, Lynn!

IMG_4696 IMG_4696 IMG_4696

HUGE CONTRATULATIONS go out to Paul for finishing his MBA degree! 

Amanda got to practice her new kettlebell skills she learned this past weekend with Candas at the KB Clinic!  Watch for the announcement of Amanda's KB clinic to share that knowledge with the gym, soon!

IMG_4207 IMG_4207 IMG_4207 IMG_4219 IMG_4219

Thank you, Candas, for coming out from California to teach us new skills and better positions with the kettlebell!

Moving should be fun!  Our approach to training is to help you pursue what you love to do.  Proper physical training will help you reach your fitness goals and keep your body moving ten years from now.  I utilize the most effective tools of the trade in the safest way possible to get you results.  Learn how to move and enjoy what you love to do.” –Candas Jones

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