IMG_3808IMG_3807CrossFit Benchmark WOD - "Kelly"5 rounds for time of: Run 400 meters 30 Box Jumps, 24-inch 30 Wall Ball shots, 20-lb./14-lb.

Compare to July 2015 Complete each round under 7 minutes, 35 min. time domain/cap

IMG_3710Beginner: 3 rounds for time of: Run 400 meters 30 Box Jumps, 20-inch/14-inch 30 wall-ball shots, 14-lb./10-lb. The goal is to finish this workout under 30-35 minutes. If this is not possible, decrease the reps for the box jumps and wall-ball shots to 20.

IMG_3769 IMG_3782 IMG_3776 Welcome to Michael, visiting us from Camelback CF! IMG_3715 IMG_3718 IMG_3774 During the box jumps, keep feet under hips and drive knees out while taking off and landing. Land with both feet entirely on the box then fully extend the hips before stepping down.

IMG_3801 IMG_3779

Ensure the hips travel back and down during the squat portion of the wall-ball shots. This will help keep the heels pressed into the ground as long as possible.

IMG_3805 IMG_3799 IMG_3770 We also welcome Kurt, visiting us from CF DPT in the Valley! IMG_3798 IMG_3750

Intermediate: 4 rounds for time of: Run 400 meters 30 box jumps, 24-inch/20-inch 30 wall-ball shots, 20-lb./14-lb.

If athlete is not able to complete each round in under 7 minutes, reduce total volume and maintain prescribed weights.

IMG_3773 IMG_3724IMG_3725 CUTENESS ALERT!  Clara joined her daddy today in the warm up and workout and put us all to shame with her great goblet squat!  And made it look so easy while she chattered away with Luke!

IMG_3731 IMG_3728 Smashed post-workout heaves....                     Happy birthday to Katie Butterfield!