IMG_6499Skill:Alternating Tabata (8 Rds of :20s/:10s): Front Squats (115/80) Toes-to-Bar

CrossFit WOD: 8 minutes to find max Box Jump height

Rest 2 minutes

8 minutes AMRAP: 3 Box Jumps -40/36" 2 Bar Muscle Ups Max unbroken Double Unders (minimum of ten)

Scoring: Max height Rounds + reps

IMG_6424 IMG_6423 IMG_6411 GREAT HAIR action shots!!

IMG_6483IMG_6487IMG_6494IMG_6453 IMG_6439 IMG_6416

As children, we jump effortlessly. As adults, we often lose the ability to jump with ease.

Perfecting the art of jumping adds some bounce to a workout and can make even the most sedentary person more athletic in their day-to-day routine.

Jumping is a progression. You want to start small, at a height you can actually land, and then progress to jumping up on a small step or onto a small box.  Even starting by jumping rope builds the plyometric stimulus the fires the stretch reflex responsible for explosive movement. -WSJ

IMG_6409 IMG_6415 IMG_6435 Post a caption for this one!  What is going ON here, exactly??


Need some help!!!!

We have some small items at the gym that are used heavily and are easy to misplace or borrow, so they are disappearing! Could everyone just check through their gym bags and lockers for lacrosse balls and the black VooDoo floss bands we use for mobility? We only have one of those left and 5 or 6 lacrosse balls out of the 60 we had. Thank you so much for looking!

Thanks, everyone!



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