Julianne Miller

Julianne 2I love Crossfit. No I mean it – I love Crossfit. If you had asked me 3 years ago if I would ever belong to a Crossfit gym I would have said definitely no. I can safely say that prior to joining Crossfit Flagstaff I had never been fit in my entire 37 years, not even close. I had been on sports teams when I was younger but never excelled, I kinda ran some when I felt motivated but it was a chore, I got tired thinking about how I was supposed to be working out and every New Year’s resolution to exercise usually lasted about a week. My weight fluctuated with whatever fad diet I was on and I had 3 different pant sizes in my closet to accommodate my weight changes and my moods fluctuated with my pant size. Then the stars aligned and Crossfit Flagstaff opened a new gym next door to where I work. IIMG_7292 saw people pushing tires and running in all sorts of weather and I thought they were crazy; no way would you get me to do that sort thing. I continued to think that where I was physically was as good as it was going to get and to just get on with my life. However, this was not to be as one day I joined the gym next door. Why did I do it?  I cannot say that one thing in particular made me join but it was the little things such as my pants were always a little tight, I was always tired, I was close to turning 40, and why not?. The reason is not important, everyone has different reasons for what they do but I am so thankful every day that I did it and I am still in awe that I actually followed through with it.

When I started I can safely say I had minimal muscle mass and could not even do a pull up with the largest of bands.  I was absolutely horrified at my first work out and second guessed whether I belonged there….I can only be forever grateful to the coaches that helped me stick with it. I was told with some confidence that one day I would be able to do a hand stand push up and I remember chuckling to myself thinking that would be an absolute miracle. However, now I can do 30 kipping pull-ups in a work-out, run faster and longer than I ever have before, lift weights that I would never have imagined possible, and I can actually see my bicep muscle!

Julianne 1I am still working on the hand stand push up but have gotten so close that I have tasted the miracle and that miracle tastes good. The change in my body has changed my life, Crossfit has not only given muscle strength but also mental strength and physical confidence. I am an athlete – never have I ever thought that I would ever say such a thing! That hour of working out at the gym is as good as meditating when all the stress of life stays at the door and all you have to do is trust your body to be strong.

The fitness that I have gained is incredible and empowering. I can only hope that other people can find the joy in the physical achievements that Crossfit offers because it has absolutely changed my life and my body. Anyone can do it – I am proof of that. The physical improvements at Crossfit are amazing but I feel that the most important aspect that makes me love Crossfit is the people. This is a community that supports each other and is non-judgmental. When you are working out you are all working out together and you support each other’s achievements without jealousy or judgement. It is a pure feeling of friendship.

I feel supported by everyone and get the encouragement that I need to continually strive to improve. I admire the coaches for the energy that the give on a daily basis and the dedication that they have for me to get fit and stay healthy. I give them all the credit for encouraging me to continue with the journey and not ever give-up, without them I would still be sitting in tight pants thinking about how I should be working out and then eating a pint of ice cream to drown my sorrows.

IMG_7289Where else can you go where you are going to find people that really honestly care about your health and want you to feel and perform to your best? It is an awesome feeling to walk into the gym and get greeted with smiles and hugs and have people truly care about you. I have become the stereo-typical Crossfit junkie but I don’t care because in case I have not mentioned already - I love Crossfit. Why not try it? What can it hurt and it might just change your life………………………