John Tuitele's Spartan "300" Workouts

John Tuitele, one of our former clients who took his passion for CrossFit and started up his own CrossFit gym in Anthem, CrossFit Strong Medicine.  He shared some workouts with us.

"Been playing around with workouts with a total of 300 reps, ala The 300, and calling them Spartans.  Here are two that focus on lower body, upper body."   -John

The Friday morning class did the Spartan Upper Body Blast:

Img_5428_exposureWOD For Time:
Start with a 400 meter run, then
5 rounds of:
1.  20 pullups
2.  20 pushups
3.  20 push press with 1/4 body weight or more.
Finish with a 400 meter run.

Img_5416_exposure Img_5392_exposure

Great pushup position, Cullen!  Welcome to CrossFit!
Img_5413_exposure Img_5425_exposure Img_5418_exposure Img_5389_exposure

Connie has a great dip position-butt back, chest up, weight in heels, 1/4 squat position.
Chloe has great hip extension, putting momentum on the bar, allowing her to take the weight overhead without relying purely on her shoulder strength.
Jason and Cullen both had great overhead position-shoulders locked out, tight core.

Jason and Connie did the Spartan Ass Kicker on Thursday morning:
WOD For Time: (break up reps as needed)
1. 100 Air Squats.
2. 100 prone reverse glute extensions:  Face down, upper body on
elevated surface such as a bench, legs hang over the edge with flexed hips & legs
straight, extend legs up to parallel, then lower back down to start point.
3. 100 Squat Jumps.  Squat till fingertips touch the ground, jump up
like a burpee jump with hands overhead.
4.  Finish with a 400m Run.