January Challenge

Sugar Shoes

CrossFit Flagstaff's First Monthly Challenge - Kick the SUGAR!!

Did you know that the average man, woman, and child in this country eats 150 lb. of sugar annually? 

For ONE month - ONE MONTH ONLY -just try it.  Make the effort, see what it does for you.  See how you feel, look, perform. You can do ANYTHING for one month, especially knowing it's for your HEALTH and PERFORMANCE. If you choose not to do it, if you haven’t sincerely tried committing to good nutrition, maybe it’s time you looked at your reasons.  What are your excuses? How valid are they, really? Are you so invested in them that you’re willing to sacrifice your potential and long term health?

1. All participants must commit by signing the sheet at the gym by January 5th. Challenge ends at midnight, February 4th. We will keep a tracking spreadsheet at the gym and some progress posts will be made on our Nutrition website along with helpful articles and food suggestions.

2. The way to kick sugar is to not eat ANY sugar of ANY kind.

3. Only consume sugar that is found naturally in foods such as fruit - and limit the consumption of too much, choosing low glycemic index fruits primarily.

4. The best way to be successful with this is to eat clean.  Create meals from meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and NO SUGAR.  No processed and refined foods with high fructose corn syrup and high sugar content (i.e.: chips).  Shop the perimeter of the grocery store, avoid the aisles where labels and long shelf-lives increase the sugar content.  Limit bread.

5. If you drink adult beverages, only pure spirits (vodka, whiskey, rum, etc.) and wine are allowed in small quantities. No dessert wine, or any other alcoholic beverage made with added sugar, such as beer.

6. Keep a food log, writing down EVERYTHING you eat.  At the end of each week - Sunday or Monday, show it to a trainer and have them help you with your choices of foods and staying on track. The winner will be the person with the most consecutive days completed. The runner-up will be the person with the most overall days completed. This may be the same person or persons.

7. Please feel free to email me or post to comments your own input, comments, encouragement, articles, recipes, struggles and victories.

***Special prize for those who complete all 30 days!!!***

Who's in?