CrossFit Benchmark WOD - "Jackie" IMG_0556
For Time:

  • 1,000m Row
  • 50 Thrusters -45 lb.
  • 30 Pullups

Compare to: January 2012 October 2010

Jackie, Greg Amundson ...[wmv]
Jackie, Greg A. vs L1 trainers [wmv][mov]  

IMG_0455 IMG_0535 IMG_0537 IMG_0552 IMG_0551Today was Melissa's first class, welcome! Thanks for visiting from Delta CrossFit Alex, and Kelly from Hermitage CrossFit

 There was a great competitive atmosphere at the gym today during every class. A lot of heart, determination, and digging deep to push beyond your own expectations. PR's left and right. However, the stand off of the day to watch was during the 5:00 class between David Watts and Justin Madden! Justin takes the number 2 spot on the board with 6:18 and David edged out Mike Ray's record for the 3rd spot at 6:48! 

Rest up every one..."Grace" is coming up on Friday! Who's going to get a spot on the leaderboard?

IMG_0539 IMG_0508