CrossFit Benchmark WOD-Jackie
For Time:

  • 1,000m Row
  • 50 Thrusters (45 lb.)
  • 30 Pullups

Img_5192_1 Img_5191

Jason demonstrates a thruster worthy of notable credit.  The squat is beautiful-back on the heels, upright chest, great alignment through his body.  A strong position for powering up and transferring momentum and power to the bar, moving it into an overhead position without asking the arms to do the load of the work.  The overhead position is overhead.  The arms are straight, shoulders in line with his ears, not out in front of the face.  This alignment puts the weight into a balanced position with the spine and allows the long bones and larger muscles of the legs and shoulder girdle to take a large part of the weight, rather than fatiguing the arms to press it up and attempt to hold weight forward of a vertical line.

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