It's a Bitter Bite


1. Power Snatch
    5 x 2 Reps Across
Heavy if feeling good and form is good!!

2. "Bitter Bite"
3 Rounds For Time:

  • 7 Muscle Ups
  • 14 Pistols (7/side alternating)
  • 21 Game's Style Box Jumps -24" M, 20" W IMG_8392



Back Squat
Heavy single (80%-95% of 1 rep max)
2x2 Moderate weight (70%-80% of 1 rep max)


Aaron and Lauren stopped by for a WOD today. They have been working out at CrossFit New England and Battle CrossFit

IMG_8348 IMG_8350 IMG_8352 IMG_8366 IMG_8381



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