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30 Snatches For Time -135# M/95# W

Compare to Oct. 2009


IMG_8555 IMG_8556 IMG_8557 IMG_8562 IMG_8559Training Tips From Katie Hogan

5 smallest tips (in Crossfit) that I was given which had the BIGGEST difference for me.

1)   hollow position in handstand

I found balance!  Before this I was constantly falling off the wall or not able to stay up long enough to walk farther than a few steps on my hands.

2)   not over-extending lumbar spine in squat

Years of bad posture and walking around with an overextended lumbar curve, this same broken position carried over to my squats. 

3)   squatting straight down on front squats and OH squats 

I finally found the best position in my front and overhead squats and all it took was the slightest shift.  Instead of reaching my hips way back, my line of action is now much closer to my heels; almost straight down.  Here I can get in a much better upright position to hold the weight.

4)   fast elbows (like a clean) on muscle ups

The day that Kris Clever cued me in the middle of a muscle-up/pull-up/run workout to move my elbows fast, like a clean, changed my crossfit world.  Not only was I able to complete the exercise more efficiently, but I was then able to finish the entire workout while wearing a weight vest.

5)   feet straight ahead on box jump (take off and landing)

This has brought speed back to my box jumps.  By maintaining my feet straight/knees tracking over feet or slightly out throughout the move I’m both protecting my knees and staying in the best position to rebound quickly and efficiently.

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