Bench Mark WOD "Isabel"IMG_6430 30 Snatches for time

Take a look at all of those PR's on the white board today! What a FUN day of coaching watching it all go down! 

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Instructional Videos on the Snatch: Arms, Foot Position, Burgener Instructs, Jump and Land, 3 Pulls, Learning to Snatch

IMG_6363 IMG_6368 IMG_6371

IMG_6356 IMG_6359 IMG_6358 IMG_6400

IMG_6422 IMG_6409 IMG_6397

We do Benchmark work outs to track our progress over the years....take a look at coach Amanda below back in 2007! This night she practiced the snatch with 55#. She didn't do 30 for time but instead a lot of practice as it was the first or second time she had snatched.

AH snatch 1 AH snatch 2 AH snatch 3 AH snatch 4

AH snatch 5

IMG_6353 IMG_6351 IMG_6352

Today, 6 years later expecting her second baby...she again completed it RX'd but 3 minutes faster at 5:04. I believe her PR is sub 5 minutes, but how cool to see her progress in strength, form and intensity over the years!

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