Img_1807CrossFit Benchmark WOD -"Isabel"
For Time:

135 lb. M/95 lb. W

Instructional Videos on the Snatch:
Arms, Foot Position, Burgener Instructs, Jump and Land, 3 Pulls, Learning to Snatch

Rob Miller Goes for a Big Snatch.
Many of us haven't learned the snatch, and most haven't done it much, so we just practiced a lot today, rather than doing the WOD for time at prescribed weights.
Img_1493_2 Img_1494_2 Img_1495_2 Img_1496_2 Img_1499_2
Amanda and Cullen both moved pretty well, just have some early arm pulling rather than letting their arms be ropes and allowing the shrug and hip extension to do all the work on getting the bar up and weightless, so they can quickly pull themselves under it into the overhead squat catch position. 
Img_1599_2 Img_1602_2 Img_1603_2 Img_1604_2 Img_1605_2
Nice job, everyone!  Keep practicing!  I saw lots of improvement in just one hour!

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