Iron Fitness Games 2014


Dawn, David Lindsay and Tara took their fitness to Spartan CrossFit in Phoenix on Saturday with Carolyn as their Support Crew of 1! David and Dawn took on the individual events as Tara and Lindsay teamed up for the partner events.

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Team WOD 1 "2120": As a team complete:

2,000M Row

60 Ball over the shoulder -80#

40 Front Squats w/75# Axel bar

20 Clean and Jerks w/75# Axel Bar

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WOD 1 The Burden

Athletes will have 1 minute to complete an amrap yoke walk. Then, athletes will have a 2 minute rest and go directly into WOD2.

WOD 2 Spartacus

Athletes will have 2 minutes to complete 25 ball over shoulder. Then, athletes will have a 1 minute rest and go directly into WOD 3.

WOD 3 No Rowgrets
Athletes will have 3 minutes to complete a maximum calorie row.
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 Team WOD 2 Pop Rocks
Team athletes are timed on their completion of 30-20-10 reps each of wall balls & kettlebell swings. Then, 30 reps each of deadlifts.
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WOD 4 Thor
Athletes will have 6 minutes to complete a max weight one-arm db ground to overhead. Then,  a 1 minute rest and go directly into WOD 5.
WOD 5 Hypoxia
Athletes will have 6 minutes to complete as many rounds and reps as possible of a 150′ sandbag carry followed by nine burpees.
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Team WOD 3/4 The Equalizer
Athlete 1 will carry a sandbag for distance while athlete 2 does burpees. Burpees can only be done while sandbag is off the ground.Continuing from WOD 3, athletes will switch roles and perform the same movements. WOD 3 & WOD 4 are both 3 minutes of work.
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