Infographic of the Week: Carbs are Killing You

Carbs are Killing You

From Food+Tech Connect

After all those years of not eating red meat and cutting back on the mayonnaise, science now tells us it’s carbs, not fat, making Americans overweight.  This interesting infographic designed by Column Five Media for Massive Health describes in depth the way in which carbohydrates make the body store fat.

“One of the reasons we did this infographic is because we are finding through the data we are collecting via The Eatery that people are not very good at judging the health of certain foods,” says Andrew J. Rosenthal of Massive Heath.  “One of our users was starting off each morning with a Jamba Juice fruit smoothie, thinking it was a really healthy substitute for breakfast.   Every day as he used The Eatery, he got feedback that his smoothie was not nearly as healthy as he had rated it.  He had no idea how high the sugar and carb content was.  We’ve heard about loads of “ah-ha!” moments like this particularly about carbs, when users of The Eatery learn, through a tight feedback loop, that their decisions aren’t nearly as healthy as they thought.”


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