Important Information and "5th Avenue"

Important Information 1. The CrossFit Total has been moved to Friday, so plan your week accordingly so you can rest Thursday and come in and get PRs on Friday.

2. Yoga will not be offered on Tuesdays at noon as Jim has taken a job that has a conflicting schedule. We are in the process of setting up new yoga times and would like your assistance in determining what would be best. There will be a poster board with the possible new times posted by the sign-in iPad. Please mark the times that you would be most likely to attend and we will get a new schedule in place next week. This week yoga will be held on Thursday at 11:30.

IMG_6727IMG_6729IMG_6680IMG_6674IMG_6623IMG_6663 IMG_6649 IMG_6645 IMG_6618 IMG_6657IMG_6669 IMG_6634 Welcome to Angela, visiting us from Havasu CF for a couple of days!

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