If You've Ever Wondered Where Your Quads, Hamstrings, and Glutes are...

Morning WOD:
Handstand Holds 120,90,60,30 seconds
             -Hold at Bottom of Squat 120,90,60,30 seconds
Workout-Max Rounds in 20 minutes:

  • 15 Box Jumps
  • 15 Wall Ball

Img_6097 Img_6083_chloe

Welcome to CrossFit, Chloe!  You did great and we're excited to help you toward your goal of a marathon and reducing your times hiking to the bottom of the Grand Cyn. and back! (She's been doing this once a week!)

Evening WOD:
Row max distance in 9 intervals, resting 20 sec. between each interval of 1:40, rest 2 min. after 5th interval.

Img_6106 Img_6102

Amanda and Katie are a blur of speed!


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