How to not EMS (Eat More SH!T) while on shift

It's midnight.  You've been running calls all day.  You haven't been back to the station for going on 16 hours.  What are you going to do?  At the cert. many options were discussed.  I think we must approach our diets the same way we approach our exercises.  Consistency first.  I think we should time our eating the same, even if we are on shift.  It doesn't make sense to divide my 16 blocks by my normal 16 waking hours one day, then divide it by 24 hours while I am on shift.  The reality is that I will be up at 3am and that I will have burned through my 16 blocks.  In these cases, denying myself food will lead to disaster plan and goal is to not eat the Little Debbie's and Slurpies that I want, but to be able to make Zone meals whenever and wherever I am. 

"Let's look at some examples at McDonald's. One choice is to buy two of the most inexpensive hamburgers, throw away one of the buns and put both patties together with one bun surrounding them. The burger is a little high in saturated fat, but it is a fairly good balance of carbohydrates and protein to make a three block meal. A better choice is the grilled chicken sandwich. The best choice is to buy a grilled chicken sandwich, throw away the bun, and put the chicken breast on a salad. With this choice you can still have some fresh fruit for dessert and stay within your allotted carbohydrate blocks. Here are a few fast food choices that can be used when you need a quick meal on the road.

Burger King

BK Broiler Chicken Sandwich with no mayonnaise (4 blocks)
Whopper Jr. hamburger (3 blocks)


McGrilled Chicken Sandwich (3 blocks)
Egg McMuffin (3 blocks)"


This is a cool website for preplanning meals

It will list the protein, carb and fat content of many fast food restaurants. 

So how about staying in the Zone, while staying away from Fast Food joints? Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.  Carbs are easy and cheap (vending machines are FULL of them).  Get a big bag of apricots (3=one block), carry some nuts.  Getting protein always seems to be the challenge.  Beef Jerky is damn expensive - like $1.25 per block.  I was at Safeway and found chicken breasts in those foil packs like tuna for $2.49, one package=4 blocks (.62 cents a block), tuna is about the same price but it is hard for me to eat tuna without a crapload of mayo.  Hormel chili w/o beans in the microwave containers are an easy 2 block meal that packs well. 

I will leave this post with some bummer math                                                                                       

One handful (my hand) of Jelly Bellies = 32 Jelly Bellies

One Jelly Belly = 1gm carbohydrates

9gms carbohydrates=one block

Therefore I can blow more than three blocks of carbs with one hand....bummer

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