Honing the Squat

Img_4196_1   WOD
4 rounds for time:
400m Run
15 Overhead Squats

We are looking for perfect form here.  If the squat is not perfect, loads are not allowed.  If squat looks good, load it and perform 15 reps.  If form is the target and loads are lighter, perform 20 reps to hone in that form with the lighter weight.  Work hard to perfect the squat before moving the weight up and potentially causing injury.

Img_4203_1Stephan: 15 lb. bar, 16:33  -improved squat form over the course of the workout, keep fighting to stay back, work that shoulder flexibility to get your arms up straighter-welcome to CF!
Ryan: 45 lb. bar, 13:56  -squat is continuing to improve-keep stretching!
Tara: 53 lb., 15:38, squat looks great, keep up the good work and keep increasing the weight


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