Highland Games/Strong Man Lifting Clinic and Saturday Swim WOD

This Saturday and Sunday (6/11-12) the gym will be CLOSED.

There is an Olympic Lifting seminar going on and there will be NO Classes Saturday or Sunday.

HOWEVER.... Here are a few options for the weekend.


Meet Lisa at NAU Pool for a 12:30 pm Swim WOD on Saturday.  Please sign up at the gym or text me to let me know you are interested.  928-607-6139

The Flagstaff Highland Games are being held on July 16 and 17th and there will be a Lifting Clinic for anyone interested in trying out the events in the Highland Games this Sunday at Foxglenn Park. Michael Hooker is putting on a clinic this Sunday June 12th from 9:00am-4:00pm and the cost is $30.

michael hooker highland games

You can contact him at torp20032003@yahoo.com with any questions.

There will be a sign up sheet posted at the gym and you can pay us with $30 cash for your registration.

All of the traditional Scottish heavy events will be covered which are:
1. Braemar and open stone (similar to shot put)
2. Heavy and light weight for distance (sort of like the discus)
3. Heavy and light hammer
4. Weight for height
5. Sheaf toss (burlap bag filled with tine)
6. Caber toss

Others have done this event it in the past and had a blast!


Molly W Mike Ray Joni

Scott MacKenzie