Hello From Ben!

Ben Withey dropped us a hello.  Great to hear from you, Ben!  We already miss you, as well!!!

Just wanted to drop you and the CFF family a line and let you know Sarah and I made it to Denver with no problem. I found a box close to our apartment (Bighorn Crossfit) and have committed to a month there to begin with. The two Coaches (Brian and Kari Bowen) were both trained by you. The gym membership is small (38 members) but they all seem like good people and it feels good to be back in the gym. With the move and the holidays it was a full ten days between my last workout at Crossfit Flagstaff and my first workout at Bighorn.

I wanted to tell you and the athletes of Crossfit Flagstaff how much I appreciate the community you have created. I only worked out with you all for 6 months but from Day 1 you made me welcome and it felt strange to leave without much preamble. The move was so hectic that the last day I was able to workout came faster and went quicker than I was ready for. I left without getting the opportunity to close the door on Flagstaff in the way that I might have chosen to if time and circumstances allowed. That being said, Crossfit Flagstaff is a unique place, and I am proud to have been a part of that community. I miss you all and if you are ever in the Denver area please let me know. - Ben

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We had the privilege of a visit from Rob and Larissa, friends of ours whom we met in Japan and who now live in Hawaii.  Needless to say, the cold and elevation were tough variants today!


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