Single-Minded Focus


  • Deadlift

Compare to May, April, and Jan 2009,
Dec, Oct, Sept, July, May 2008


  • 30 Muscle Ups
    For Time or Skill Practice

IMG_9033Compare to June and April 2010,
, Aug, May, and April 2008

GREAT walk through CFF's history with the "Compare to" dates!  Fun to see the old gym and many current members when they first started.  There's also a lot of good information and photos to see how we have progressed in form, strength, and knowledge!

IMG_8970 IMG_9027 IMG_8997

Welcome to your first CFF class, Katy!

IMG_9006 IMG_9011 IMG_9014 IMG_9022

Audrey went from lots of technique practice to THIS SUCCESS today!!!! Yay!!!

IMG_8980 IMG_8976 IMG_9001 IMG_8973 IMG_8995 IMG_8996

Great job everyone!  Lots of good coaching, assistance, and learning happening today!  (Noah gave special assistance to Steve in the muscle ups!)

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