Heavy Test Day!

How has your strength training been working for you?  Many of you have been following our first phase of the Wendler Strength cycle - both in the Strength Focus classes as well as with Comp Squad. Let's test it this week!

On the docket today are 2 essential and beastly lifts: the Overhead Press and the Deadlift.

IMG_4959Shoulder Press


Compare results to April 2013

IMG_4925 IMG_4925 IMG_4925 IMG_4925

The overhead press (or shoulder press, or strict press, or just “press”) works the whole body, is functional, and it also feels pretty "manly" to hoist a heavy barbell above your head.


IMG_4942 IMG_4942

From "The Art of Manliness" - not just limited to men....


IMG_4929 IMG_4929 IMG_4929