IMG_5300CrossFit WOD"Heavenly" is how a rest day is going to feel tomorrow!

7 rounds for time of: 15 GHD Situps 15 Hip Extensions 10 Thrusters -135# M/95# W 10 Clean & Jerk -135# M/95# W

IMG_5301Scale for meeting a 30-35 min. time domain.

Strength Focus Bench Press 5-3-2-2-1-1-1

Getting Strong with the Bench Press The Lats and the Bench Press

IMG_5203 IMG_5186 Liz gets a 100# Bench Press today!  Nice work!

IMG_5288 IMG_5256 IMG_5198 More new faces come into the classes, out of their intros!  WELCOME to Danielle S, Colleen, and Matt G!

There is a physical element to Main Page CrossFit, and intellectual side - thinking about the ‘why’ of each WOD and the ‘how’ you will accomplish it.  What is your need from this workout?  Go heavy and fight to get heavy Thrusters because you're a bodyweight ninja?  Or, lighten it up and get all 7 rounds in because that will severely tax your stamina and endurance, you beast?!  Do you need to pace it in the first couple of rounds because you go out too hard in workouts?  Or do you pace too much and you need to push into the lactic acid pain cave and suffer through the dark tunnel by just moving steadily?  What are your goals?  What are your weaknesses that CrossFit so eloquently exposes?

IMG_5194 IMG_5290 IMG_5187 This was Christen's 2nd class tonight and she improved in her Clean a ton! Great job!

IMG_5139 IMG_5106 Feeling a little stiff in some of these overhead and squat movements?  Having a hard time feeling like you can do them, due to lack of flexibility?  Come and work with Scott on a mobility plan that is right for you! Mobility Clinic Friday at 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.!

IMG_5211 IMG_5130 2 common themes in today's workout - Heavenly Sweat Angels (full body, no less!) and a long gaze into Heavenly gates....

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