Hard Boiled Blocks

   Eggs are simple, portable and most importantly cheap sources of protein blocks.  At less than 20 cents per block, I believe they are THE cheapest.

It sounds silly, but I finally figure out how to hard boil eggs in a way that works.

Simply put the eggs in a pot with cold water covering them about 1".  Turn on the heat.  When the water get to a really rolling boil, turn it down to a steady boil and set the timer for 10min.

At 10min. remove the eggs from the water and immediately put them in a large bowl of ice water.  The ice water prevents the nasty green ring from forming, keeps the yolks nice and yellow and makes them very easy to peel.

A hard boiled egg, piece of string cheese, apple and a few almonds is a quick and easy 2 block snack/meal.

NutritionLisa RayComment