Happy New Year!

And 2016 is upon us!  We welcomed in the new year with a hero salute... IMG_0187"Harper" Complete as many rounds as possible in 23 minutes of: 9 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups 15 Power Cleans- 135#/95# 21 Squats 400m Run with a 45#/25# plate

Phoenix Firefighter Brad Harper, 23, of Peoria, Arizona, died while on the scene of a two-alarm fire on May 19, 2013. Harper loved being a firefighter and had worked with the Phoenix Fire Department, where he was assigned to Rescue 21, for two years. He is survived by his wife, Lena; three younger brothers, Ryan, Daniel and Jacob; and parents, Bob and Cyndy.

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effortCrossFit.  It's not for everyone, because if you want to sit on the couch and don't want anything that makes you uncomfortable, then it isn't for you.  But it IS for anyone.  Anyone CAN do CrossFit.  It's about the effort you put into it.  At YOUR relative intensity and ability.  Come and play. Tomorrow is Free Saturday.  Make that your first step.

Be inspired by so many who made that step and put in the effort.  Those people are all around you.  Doing amazing things.  LIVING.

"I think my favorite part is the community. I love the people here ... everybody is rooting for you and they want you to do your best." Meet Laurie Hansen–a 60-year-old athlete at CrossFit Kinnick in Upland, California. Hansen continues, "A lot of my friends are on medication ... they're starting to whine, and I feel strong."

“I decided I wanted to eat clean, I wanted to be a healthier version of myself … . I didn’t want to do gastric bypass surgery anymore,” Garcia says. “I wanted to do it on my own with the help of Jenny.” At the time this video was filmed, Garcia had lost 102 lb.

"Exercise performed in a community, at high intensity makes people better. And I don't get to be the judge, you can for yourself." -Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit