Happy End of the YEAR 2011!!!

Thank you, all of you, for another amazing year at CrossFit Flagstaff!  All of your encouragement and support through the changes and growth we have made this past year, the letters you wrote the the City of Flagstaff on our behalf to fight for our place in this town have been inspiring and validating that we are doing the right thing.  Every day I see that in your successes. Every day I feel amazingly lucky that I have a job that never seems like a job.

I said it the other day, and I'll say it here again...

Every time you walk into the gym you do something you didn't think you could do. You witness yourself rising to the occasion, proving your self-doubts wrong and going beyond your own expectations.

We often seem a little nuts to the outside world, but once you step through that door, you know that you are giving your heart, mind, and soul to whatever effort it requires for that day and it's not just for a workout.  CrossFit builds so much more than that.  You leave that door, taking that with you.  Keep up the good work in the new year!

Appropriately, last year we rang in the year 2011 with the CrossFit hero workout, "Nutts".  This year, we close out the year 2011 with...

IMG_9237 IMG_9236CrossFit Hero WOD - "NUTTS"

For time:

  • 10 Handstand Pushups
  • 15 Deadlifts -250 lb. M/205 lb. W
  • 25 Box Jumps -30"
  • 50 Pullups
  • 100 Wall Ball to 10' -20 lb.M/15 lb.W
  • 200 Double Unders
  • Run 400m with a plate -45 lb. M/25 lb. W

                                                                            Compare to Jan 2011

Didn't get to see the 2011 CrossFit Games on ESPN yet?  Here's another chance!  Pretty cool that we made the Editor's picks for top stories on ESPN Front Row!!!

"Editor's year end picks: Celebrating 10 years of PTI, hailing CrossFit Games" from ESPN Front Row.

CrossFit Games Marathon on ESPN2, New Year's Day starting at 1:00pm ET - video [wmv] [mov]

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