Happy Birthday and Welcome, Mike Merica!!!

For Time, use 95 lb.M/65 lb. W
Run 800m
   21 Shoulder Press
Run 800m
   21 Push Press 
Run 800m
   21 Push Jerk 

Happy Birthday, Mike, and Welcome to CrossFit!
Img_4741 Img_4745 Img_4775
                                    Great position in the dip and the catch of the Push Jerk!
Img_4840 Img_4837
Solid overhead position, Tommy.           Welcome back to CFF, David George!  David visits us from Pennsylvania when he's in town for work.
Img_4767 Img_4769 Img_4771
Nice Push Press, Marian!  Great position in the dip with chest up, weight in heels, butt slightly back, knees forward.

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