Happy 10th Anniversary!


Anniversary Party: Celebrating 10 Incredible Years of the CrossFit Flagstaff Community

10 years ago Mike and I followed our heart (and encouragement of many early CrossFit trainers and friends in Flagstaff) and opened CrossFit Flagstaff in August of 2006, out of our home garage. The past decade has been such an amazing, rewarding and unforgettable journey. We have been so lucky to have the opportunity to be a part of hundreds of people's lives. We have shared lots of birthdays, weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, happy hours, holidays, parties.... We have been fortunate to have so many great friendships as a result of this affiliate. But nothing would have been possible without the support and encouragement of our amazing coaches, especially Tara, who takes care of CrossFit Flagstaff like it was her very own.

This community that we have created is YOU and without you CrossFit Flagstaff would only be an empty building with some equipment.

Thank You, all of you, for being part of this amazing community. We love you!



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Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 2.13.10 PM Big thank you to Miranda Oldroyd for creating our workouts for this celebration today!

Teams of 4 banded together, mostly by decade of birth, but there were a few mixed age teams to keep things interesting and spirited!  Great job to everyone, and thank you for such a fun day, celebrating together!

IMG_7388#1 "The Decades"

For Time: 1,000m Row, 50 Wall Ball , 50 Pullups 750m Row, 40 Wall Ball, 40 Pullups 500m Row, 30 Wall Ball, 30 Pullups 250m Row, 20 Wall Ball, 20 Pullups

Wall Ball = 20# to 10'/14# to 9'

Conga style - next person fills in the next station as one station becomes clear.  Don't change the order of the athletes once it is established.

IMG_7366 IMG_7384 IMG_7418 IMG_7377 IMG_7446 IMG_7468

IMG_7498#2 "Double Decker"

1st Pair: 3 min AMRAP:                 Burpee Box Jump Overs - 20" 2nd Pair goes 1st Pair :  3 min AMRAP:                   Clean and Jerk - 135#/95# 2nd Pair goes

Score:  Total reps for Burpee Box Jump Overs/Total reps for Clean and Jerks


IMG_7490 IMG_7537 IMG_7336

IMG_7516#3 "Do Your Best"

90 sec AMRAP, each station. Person 1  Toes-to-Bar Person 2  Deadlift - 225#/155# Person 3  Handstand Pushups Person 4  Thrusters - 95#/65#

Score: Total reps for each individual effort.

This workout was the concoction of Tara and Amanda putting their head together!  Brilliant minds gave us a great finale!

IMG_7524  IMG_7538 IMG_7512 IMG_7520 IMG_7515IMG_7535 IMG_7386

Click on this Flickr album to see all of the photos taken today!  If you have some you want to share and add to the album, shoot them our way!

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