"Hang Loose"

CrossFit WOD - "Hang Loose" 30 Hang Squat Cleans - 95#/65# 30 Handstand Pushups 30 Thrusters - 95#/65# 30 Box Jumps -  24"/20" 30 Overhead Squats - 95#/65# 30 Chest-to-Bar Pullups

Welcome to Nate Ragan, who is joining our community!

Saw some great squat positions on those Thrusters today!  Opening those knees up wide to allow the pelvis to descend straight down into that space allowed the chest to stay tall and the bar had a great path to drive straight up and overhead.  I saw a lot of improvement in those who widened their stance and focused on pressing the floor apart and keeping their knees more open.  Great fixes!

Invest in the fight to improve.  Slow and steady wins the race.

Brea got her Chest-to-Bar pullups today!!!!    And we had a fun warmup partner race!  Speaking to the power of "play",  I was just given a heads up that we were mentioned in this article. So cool, because as many of you are aware, we like to incorporate play in our warmups, teamwork in our workouts, and some silly and sometimes crazy antics may go down with Mike and a few others, playing around the gym. This article is a great and relevant read. Thanks for the shout out, Nik!



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