Gymnastics Skills - Then Jump and Run

30 minute Strength Focus:IMG_8617 IMG_8615 Squat Conditioning For time*: 20 Back Squats, 155/105 20 Back Squat, 185/135 20 Back Squats, 225/155 *No Racks.  1 Bar.  Rest 1 minute after completing each weight


Skill: 11 min 3x5 Candlesticks 3x5 Skin the Cats 3 max effort L-Sit Holds

Metcon: 16 min AMRAP 10 Burpee Box Jump-Overs -24/20 30 Double Unders 100m Run

IMG_8611 IMG_8610 IMG_8604 IMG_8603

IMG_8599 IMG_8595 IMG_8594 IMG_8579 IMG_8585 IMG_8576 IMG_8575

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