IMG_2051CrossFit Hero WOD - "Griff" 1.  Core work: 3 Rds: 15 GHD Situps 15 Glute Ham Raises

2.  "Griff"IMG_1975 For Time: Run 800m Run 400m Backwards Run 800m Run 400m Backwards

Compare to May 2011

"They don't even let us WALK backwards at the old folks home!" - Cade (ha.  I doubt they could get Cade to SIT if he went there!)

Great to have Brenda and Tara G.'s Uncle Terry visit us today!

IMG_2020 IMG_2028IMG_2008 IMG_1977 IMG_2035 Amy K, Marissa, and Brandon are new faces in the gym, recently!  Welcome!

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