Good Fat Bad Fat

photo by SixyBeast

Good Fat, Bad Fat — A Video Tutorial

Written by KristenM

When I tell people about my diet, they smile and nod through just about every detail.

Oh, you make your own condiments? Great. You cook everything from scratch? Great. You source local, organic vegetables and meats? Great.

When I tell them I cook with animal fats — lots of animal fats — I lose them.

It just goes against the grain of all the nutritional and dietary advice we’ve been fed. Equating a low-fat diet with health goes back at least 30 years. It’s an ingrained prejudice we can’t easily overcome.

So, when I set out to create a series of empowering video tutorials, I realized one of the first things I’d have to do was make the case for eating animal fats.

And that’s what I did. It’s 18 minutes of video packed full of information — maybe too much information.

Hope you enjoy!

Good Fat Bad Fat: Or How To Lose Weight By Eating Fat from FoodRenegade on Vimeo.