Go Work

CrossFit Lisbeth

Toby inspiring us with all his hard work.

What do you want more of? Just stop for a minute, think, and decide what you want more of in your life. More PR’s? More success? More love? More friends? Surely you have enough rudeness, enough hate, enough complaining, enough enemies — right?

So go be what you want. Become that which you seek.

If you want more success and more love? Work harder, love more. The race is never won by the bitter and the sideline sitter. Get up, get your hands dirty, make your brain tired. Sweat, think, love.

The map to what you want is already in your hands. The path is already under your feet. You have just failed to really commit to it yet. Stop waffling, stop waiting, stop worrying about the hurt and the cost. Our anticipation of pain is always worse than suffering itself.

Emerson once wrote: “The day is always his who works in it with serenity and great aims.”

Go work. Good things will come.

Make up what you missed this week. Or....

IMG_4679 IMG_4679 IMG_4679 IMG_4679

...break through on a skill you've been working on!  Congrats on your first muscle-up Nick C!


IMG_4693 IMG_4693
Lindsay got her Double Unders today! Yay, you!

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