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1st client1st med ball cleans
1st client                                          1st Med Ball cleans
CrossFit Flagstaff has come a long way in the last 2 years since its inception as the little 2-car Ray's Garage of Pain. We have a lot of people to thank for that and have appreciated the involvement each one of you has had in our community, no matter how great or small. Thank you for giving CrossFit a shot, for putting up with the growing pains and changes, and helping us be a unique gym in the community!

We would like to hear from each of you, anonymously, about what you like and don't like about the gym. What you would like to see change, what you think could be made better. Help us continue to improve through open, honest feedback! It's open to anyone!

Please take a couple of minutes to give us that feedback by filling out this short survey.

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I have been informed that several people do not want to be anonymous and want me to know they are connected to their specific answers so I can discuss it with them, particularly.  If this is the case, please either email me, comment to this blog, or put your name in the last question.

Startingstrength 1st shirts
Starting Strength                                                1st t-shirts
1st gym 1st OHS

1st gym

1st pullup bars 1st Kid

1st Pullup Bars                                      1st Kid
1st rope 1st Jerk 1st GHD
1st Rope                                          1st Jerk                                 1st GHD