"Girls" and "Crowd Pleasers"

IMG_9494Make up a workout you missed - Benchmark "Girls" - Fran and Diane, or the special "Crowd Pleaser" we had yesterday, Strength Focus work, or skills you need some refining and defining on!

IMG_9436 IMG_9435 IMG_9429 It's been great having Wes in classes!  He just recently joined the ranks!  Great smiles for "Fran" from Nicole and Julianne!

IMG_9445 IMG_9446 A little more moving occurred today - with Clark as part of the furniture - sticky note and all...

IMG_9433 IMG_9432 IMG_9453 Mike Hull PR'd on "Diane" today!  A long awaited success!!! Congrats!

IMG_9462 IMG_9447 IMG_9427 .                             Watcha lookin' at???                                 Great having Juan back for a bit!!!!