Get Some....and GO AGAIN!

3 Rounds for Time:
         Rd. 1                              Rd. 2                           Rd.3
40 Deadlifts
-120/80lb.     30 Deadlifts                 20 Deadlifts
40 Jumping Ring Dips      30 Jump'g Ring Dips     20 Jump'g Ring Dips
3 Rope Climbs                  2 Rope Climbs              1 Rope Climb

Workout Demo video, CrossFit Fairfax Another example of fighting CF spirit!
Img_0263_3 Img_0252_2 Img_0260_3
Nice work, early morning girls!  Kathleen, strong work pushing it to get a good time in!  I saw you shooting Sarah some watchful looks, gunnin' for her!  grin.      Patty kicked the boys' BUTTS this evening!
Img_0423 Img_0437 Img_0441
Img_0406 Img_0386 Img_0393

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