Games Finals Workout

For Time:

To qualify for the Regionals, men must be able to complete this workout within 9 minutes, women within 12 minutes.

Kallista Pappas Games 08 Finals ...[wmv][mov]

IMG_7050 IMG_7057 IMG_7054
Congratulations to Jason for a HUGE PR on his regular Grace time! (previous PR was 19:00, today was 9:35 -full squat cleans!)
Bruce - AWESOME clean and jerks today.  You really had a break through in form!
And big kudos to Heidi.  Heidi had near perfect form in every single clean and jerk, did full women's weight for the Games standards, and SMOKED the time at 6:47.  Stellar performance today, Girl!
Nice job on the jerks, Jane!

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