Furious 9


This year CrossFit Flagstaff had 13 teams that went to Phoenix to participate in Furious 9 at CrossFit Fury! Our first event for the day was:

10 Minutes

Max Burpees over rope

Max Calories on the Rower

Switch stations between partners as needed

img_1216 img_1222 img_1224 img_1228 img_0329 fullsizeoutput_559a

Event #2

10 minutes to find

1 Rep Max Shoulder Press

1 Rep Max Clean

img_1234 img_1239 img_1240 img_1243 img_1464 img_1465

Event #3

Partner Helen

15 Minute AMRAP

400 Meter Run

21 Kettle Bell Swings

12 Pull Ups

One person completes an entire round then tags off to the next person

img_1446 img_1448 img_1260 img_1263 img_1275 img_1266 img_1265

img_1273 img_1270 img_1269

Event #4

5 Minutes to complete

6 rope Climbs

Remainder of time to get max Calories on Aerodyne Bike

img_1322 img_1327 img_1341 img_1348

img_1357 img_1358

Floater Event #5

2 minutes max Rep Wall Ball to 12 foot target

2 minutes max rep Big Rope Jump Rope

img_1250 img_1254 img_1375 img_1364 img_1373 img_1344 img_1346

The Top 5 in each division got to go onto a final WOD. Sam and Sidney got to do the final WOD and ended up tied for 4th place overall! Their last WOD was



Muscle up

5 minute time cap

img_1479 img_1480

img_1485 img_1487 img_1486

Many PR's and Firsts through out the day by this amazing group of athletes. Super Proud of each of you for laying in all out on the floor on Saturday!

img_1209 img_1198 img_1200 img_1202 img_1204 img_1206 img_1207 img_1213 img_1231 img_1232 img_1488

We are missing photos of Amanda and Korina as well as Matt Horton And his Partner. Sorry guys. :(



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