Furious 8

Sunday Make-Up and Highlights from the Furious 8 competition! IMG_6616



So many highlights to share with you from a day full of competition. Every single person in this photo, spectator or competitor laid it all out there on the floor. A big thanks to all who came out for making this day so much fun! Not pictured are Virginia,  Tyler P., Sarah E. ,Danielle, Gorney, Natalie and Marisa.

Here are all of the mighty duos that competed:

IMG_9819 IMG_9950 IMG_9830 IMG_9827 IMG_9829 IMG_9824 IMG_9848 IMG_9903 IMG_9822 IMG_9821 IMG_9818 IMG_9817 IMG_9832

The day started with an approximately 2.5 mile run, with a 6-8 foot cinder  block wall scale and buddy carry to finish. Once across the finish line each team had 30 seconds to hit their target with an air-soft paint ball gun as many times as possible. Every hit of your target was 10 seconds off of your run time.

IMG_9834 IMG_9836 IMG_9858 IMG_9855 IMG_9863 IMG_9860 IMG_9857 IMG_9862 IMG_9864 IMG_9847 IMG_9846 IMG_9842 IMG_9853 IMG_9852 IMG_9839 IMG_9843 IMG_9844 IMG_9841 IMG_9850


10 min AMRAP Toes 2 Bar: 15 reps athlete A, 15 reps athlete B KB Thrusters 15 reps athlete A, 15 reps athlete B Box jumps: 15 reps athlete A, 15 reps athlete B

men: 20 kg, 24 in box women: 12 kg, 24 in box

IMG_9907 IMG_9918 IMG_9902 IMG_9905 IMG_9912 IMG_9910 IMG_9922 IMG_9928 IMG_9930 IMG_9973 IMG_0003 IMG_0007 IMG_0028 IMG_0032


15 min AMRAP comprised of the following:

 3 min AMRAP, 12 m shuttle run   3 min AMRAP, burpee to plate   3 min AMRAP, rope climbs 3 min AMRAP, double unders 3 min AMRAP, calorie row

*no partner minimum, one team member may perform all reps *no break between AMRAP's

IMG_9890 IMG_9894 IMG_9878 IMG_9893 IMG_9896 IMG_0057 IMG_0067 IMG_9958 IMG_0047 IMG_0058


5 min AMRAP Squat clean to overhead women: 100 lbs. men: 155 lbs.

*no partner minimum, one team member may perform all reps *thrusters, shoulder press, push press, push jerk, split jerk

IMG_0041 IMG_0039 IMG_0037 IMG_0043 IMG_0025 IMG_0016 IMG_0014 IMG_9997 IMG_0019 IMG_9985 IMG_9989 IMG_9988 IMG_9981

A few random but not to be left out photos from the day...

IMG_9831 IMG_9888 IMG_9865 IMG_9828 IMG_9970 IMG_9978 IMG_9976 IMG_0002


Floater WOD

3 Minutes max reps of sand bag over the wall. Sandbag must hit the ground after every time over the wall 

Women's weight 60#, Coed 80#, Men's 100#.

IMG_0012 IMG_0013 IMG_0008 IMG_9949 IMG_9955 IMG_9953 IMG_9939 IMG_9882 IMG_9872 IMG_9871

Top 7 in each division got to go on to a final WOD. Lindsay and Tara were in 3rd place in the women's division going into the final WOD and held on to finish the day in 3rd!

Final WOD's were

Each team mate 1 minute max calories on an assault bike. Followed immediately by an

8 minute AMRAP of

8 Deficit Hand Stand Push Ups

8 Heavy Deadlifts

8 Bar Muscle Ups

IMG_0069 IMG_0071 IMG_0074 IMG_0076

IMG_0078 Fury podium




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