Fun on Saturday, A.M. Version

Fight Gone Bad style:
Each exercise is performed for two minutes before moving on to the next exercise.  This is done for all four exercises without a pause.
After each exercise has been performed once, there is a two minute rest before repeating for a total of two rounds.
Score is the total number of reps performed of all exercises over both rounds.

GHD Situps
Thrusters M: 95lb, F: 65lb
KB swing M: 1.5pd, F: 1pd




Nice work, crew!

Chloe: 190
Ryder: 233
Adrian: 174
Katie L.: 216 (knee pushups)
Naomi: 206 (33lb thruster, 26lb kb, knee pushups)
Sara S.: 234 (33lb thruster, 26lb kb, knee pushups)
Sarah B.: 192 (33lb thruster, knee pushups)
Phil: 199
Bill: 159
Amy: 195 (45lb thruster, 26lb kb, knee pushups)

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