Full Elizabeth!

Pausing Front Squat1 Rep On the Minute x 10 2 Second Pause in Bottom

CrossFit Benchmark WOD - “Elizabeth” 21-15-9: Squat Cleans (135/95) Ring Dips

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[box] "Elizabeth," one of CrossFit's original six "Girls" WODs. It was first posted on crossfit.com as the workout of the day for Friday, September 12, 2003 (030912).

Squat cleans are the original prescribed (Rx) movement for "Elizabeth." One popular scaled variant of the WOD, "Power Elizabeth," calls for power cleans instead of squat cleans.

A September 2013 CrossFit Journal article stated: "not only does ["Elizabeth," "Diane" and "Fran"] combine weightlifting and a calisthenic element but is a powerful whole body workout containing functional hip, pushing, and pulling movements.

But the crushing charm of these ladies lies in their magnificent capacity to root out weaknesses and humiliate you with them. For many athletes the high rep deadlifts at 225 pounds, cleans at 135 pounds, and thrusters at 95 pounds are easy. For these same ahletes handstand push-ups, ring dips, and pull-ups are very likely deficiencies. Typically, these athletes are larger. Similarly, those athletes for whom handstand push-ups, pull-ups, and ring dips are a breeze are nearly certain to bristle at these loads and high reps in the weightlifting. Typically, these athletes are smaller. Do these workouts favor middleweights? It doesn’t seem so. The middleweights seem to suffer at both ends."[/box]

Big kudos go out to these people today!  Andy had a 5 minute PR on "Elizabeth" today!  WOW!  He had magic shoes and a whole lot of practicing good form in his squat over the last couple of years to push him to a new PR.  Tom has also been more diligent in his stretching and squat form practice and it really showed.  Some of the best squats we have seen right there!  MARIJA!  Marija has made leaps and bounds over the past month, changing her stance, focusing on her knee position, and learning to really keep her heels down.  Her depth, back position, and ability to drive her torso straight up out of the bottom of the squat has changed dramatically from all her hard work in perfecting her position.

Just can't say enough how proud I am of you guys!!!!  DOIN' IT!

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