Front Squat 5x3

IMG_5941Skill Focus:4 position banded shoulder stretch. Make sure to also include FR position with a band connected to something low rather than the pull up bar. Heavy Front Rack Hold. 4x 30 second hold heavier than your 1 RM. This is an incredible warm up for bracing/core strength in the Front Squat. No need to "warm up to the heavy weight". You aren't squatting it, just giving that CNS a wake up call that they are needed today to brace! ;)  Make sure the rack height is set so you can stand the bar up right from the rack and hold there. Do not step back, just hold standing in the rack so you can place it right back on the rack after your done shaking.

CrossFit WOD Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

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CrossFit Is Too Hard For You?

from CrossFit Waxahachie

I admit it. You’re right. You can’t do CrossFit. You’re too old, too weak, and way too out of shape. You just wouldn’t be able to hack it. The intensity will probably knock you all the way back into last Thursday. Besides, your doctor told you the only safe squat was to the couch, the potty or the dining room chair.

Never mind that my mother-in-law does CrossFit. She’s bionic. You can’t hang with her. Don’t even try. She’s been doing CrossFit since she left the PBR Circuit. It’s a lot easier on her body.

I hope you realize now that none of the above is true. Not a single word. Except that my mother-in-law actually is doing CrossFit and maybe the fact that a lot of docs hate on squatting.

You see, CrossFit is a scalable workout system.

What does that mean? Basically, I (your coach) can help you perform the workout suited for your needs, abilities and/or limitations.

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Can’t do the required weight? No prob- let’s lower it.

Can’t perform the movement fully? OK- let’s modify it to get you in the right direction.

Don’t have the stamina for all 5 rounds? Cool- do 4. IMG_5711 IMG_5818

I don’t want you to misunderstand. We’re not talking about just making the WOD (Workout Of the Day) easier for you. We’re talking about allowing you to push yourself to your own personal limits and receive the same stimulus as someone who’s been working out with us for years. We’re going to take you where you start and work every time on getting you stronger, better at the particular movement, and able to perform more and more work. The goal is to get to where you can do the workout as prescribed. Simple.

And that my friends is how you get fit. Work, push, move, learn then come back tomorrow and do it again.

That’s what my mother-in-law, who BTW I’m very proud of, did when she started a few months ago. She’s still learning a lot but you know what? ALL of her movements are looking better and better. Her ability to handle work is increasing. And she had to go buy some new pants a couple of days ago. I might be right, maybe you can’t hang with her! :-) IMG_5745 IMG_5720

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