3x3IMG_5268 IMG_5270Snatch-grip Deadlift Hang Power Snatch Overhead Squat Snatch-grip behind the neck push-press

"Frogger" 21-15-9 rep rounds for time: Deadlifts (275# M, 185# W) Box Jumps (30" M, 24" W)

Comp ExtrasIMG_5272 3 Rounds NOT for time: 40 GHDSU 30 Back Extensions 20 Hips Extensions 10 Hip and Back Extensions

Strength Focus: 

Push Press - Find a 3RM

IMG_5225 IMG_5227 IMG_5230 IMG_5221 IMG_5246 IMG_5236 IMG_5234 IMG_5233

Welcome to CrossFit Flagstaff Chelsey E. and Lynn! Great to see you back Dane!