Friday, September 27

1.  Strength Focus - Front Squats and Box Jumps 2. Row Each Interval For Time: 500m, rest 3 minutes 500m, rest 3 minutes 300m, rest 1 minute 300m, rest 1 minute 1000m

3. Gymnastics Skill Work -

Hold Handstand x1 min then AMRAP HSPU in 1 min.

Hang from Pullup bar x1 min then AMRAP C2B Pullups in 1 min.

Plank hold x1 min then AMRAP Toes-to-Bar in 1 min.

Hold bottom of Squat x1 min then AMRAP air Squats in 1 min.

L-sit x1 min then AMRAP Rope Climbs in 1 min.

4. Gym WOD - Shoulder Press and Hip Extensions

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