Friday, October 5

Take note: No sled for you guys today even though the gym has that as a cash out again.  Feel lucky??
1.  Dynamic Box Squats
6 x 2, @ 60% plus band tension - Set the box at 1" below parallel.  These are still about SPEED.  If the weight isn't moving fast decrease the load.  
2.  Snatch
6x2 at 70%, OTM
3.  Clean and Jerk
6x2 at 70%, OTM

4.  3 GIANT SETS of:

A.  Bulgarian Split Squat, 6-8/side.
B.  Reverse Hypers, 20-30 reps
C.  Landmines, 6-8/side. - Demo Vid.  If you don't have a landmine put the opposite end of the barbell in a corner.  
Go through A-B-C without resting between movements.  Rest as needed between sets.

Dynamic set up without pins or anchors.