Friday, January 11

1.  Front Squats
10 x 1, OTM -across.

2.  Up Ladder 8

In eight minutes climb as high as possible, adding 1 rep to each movement each round.
Power Clean
Front Squat

Dudes:  185
Chicks: 135
Round 1 would be 1PC+1FS+1J.  Round 2 would be 2PC+2FS+2J.  Rnd 3 would be 3 of each and so on.  

3.  Goat Training
Pick TWO of the following, based on greatest weakness...
A.  Overhead Strength Endurance
5 RFT: 15 unbroken Push Press, 115/80

B.  Overhead Squats
5 x 2 reps, moderate - not for time.

C.  Ring Dips
60 reps for time

D.  Rope Climbs
10 x 15' Rope Climbs for time

E.  L-Sits
10 RFT:  12 seconds of L-sit hold

F:  Toes To Bar
10 RFT: x 6 unbroken reps

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