Free Saturday - Tire Flippin' and Hose Draggin' Good Times!

Teams of 2 Complete For Time*:
430m Team Kettlebell Carry Run
1 teammate Flips the Tire 260 ft.(200 ft. scaled) while,
1 teammate does as many Overhead Squats as possible until tire flip is completed.
Then, switch places.

*Scoring = for every overhead squat each teammate does, 2 seconds per squat will be subtracted from total time.
IMG_7971IMG_7931IMG_7937 IMG_7945
  IMG_7939IMG_7974     Welcome to CrossFit, Melissa and Amber, and welcome back, Amy!!
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Team Beast
For those who had to work today, Tara held a Summit Fire station 32 WOD:

3 ALARM FIRE (with helmet and air pack on) IMG_0284

-run out 150 ft. of 2 1/2 inch hose
-once all 150 ft. is extended, walking lunges the 1st 50ft.
-Bear crawl 2nd 50 ft.
-step. step. squat the last 50 ft.
-hand jack all 150 ft. of hose back in  
Repeat 2 more times

Tara 8:30 rx'd 
Matt Shaw 6:20 rx'd
Brian Walsh 6:56 (no air pack or helmet)
IMG_0295 IMG_0307 IMG_0323